Mission: To connect businesses with investors

The mission of GainWest is to connect profitable and growing businesses looking for funding with investors seeking steady passive income. GainWest is working both ways sourcing the promising business opportunities for retail investors to put their money into, and allowing these investors to generate steady premium income stream. By connecting these two parties, GainWest stimulates the economic growth.

Vision: Boost economic growth and passive income

GainWest vision is to build the transparent way to earn passive income and by boosting the funding of small and medium sized businesses. The small enterprises are essential for the economic growth, and sometimes they face difficulties when seeking for additional funding. GainWest is trying to solve this problem. Moreover, the individual investors get access to the vast portfolio of promising growing businesses.

Values: Transparency

The transparency is achieved by giving full reporting to the potential investors. Before contributing capital investor sees Investor sees the financial status of the project that seeks funding, including the business plan and the purpose of the requested amount on crowdfunding platform. After the investment has been made the GainWest investor has the monitoring tools on the status of the target company’s crowdfunding project.






Our Leadership

The team of GainWest is key to the platform’s success, as the people and their experience made it possible to create state of the art platform and source the investment opportunities that satisfy GainWest’s requirements.

Gia Tarieladze, CEO

Mr. Tarieladze has a perfect combination of professionalism and leadership with 11 years of international financial and legal experience in leading top tier fintech companies. Mr. Tarieladze is a former Chairman of Georgian Online Non-Banking Credit Association. Co-Founder and Supervisory Board Member at Georgian Fintech Association. Partner at CCLA - Law Consulting Agency, the law firm ranked as Leading Firm in 2019 by Legal500, at Banking & Finance direction. Member of the Georgian Bar Association since 2012 in Civil Law field. Gia Tarieladze has been teaching law in the leading universities of Georgia. Mr. Tarieladze holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Law in Tbilisi State University, as well as pursuing PhD degree in the same institution. With his knowledge, experience and visions, he pushes the companies under his management in the right direction.

"Our main purpose is to offer retail investors an opportunity
to profit from growing and established businesses!"

Ready to get

Currently we have made a decision to pause our business operations for an uncertain period of time.
This is a temporary solution due to the significant industry events and the unstable market situation because of continuing consequences of virus Covid-19. The management of the platform has decided to redirect the efforts on improving the technical part of the platform. All transactions stopped for now, but no investor was affected.
If you want to know when the platform will resume registration and investment: Click here