Cookies Policy

ver. 1.2, effective as of 06.07.2020

1.1. This document is an internal document that sets general rules, how Marketplace uses different types of cookies, collected via website –, also may be referred to as “website”, for multiple purposes as described in details below.
1.2. Definitions used in this Cookie Policy have the same meaning given in Marketplace’s General Terms and Conditions.
1.3. This website is created and maintained by the GAINWEST OÜ, a private limited company, registered under the laws of the Republic of Estonia, company code: 14898068 (“Marketplace”). More legal and contacts information is available at website.

2.1. A cookie is a small data file that is transferred and stored by some websites to a user’s device (computer, cell-phone, tablet or other device). Cookies make browsing much more convenient and allow user to return to websites without logging-in repeatedly or to remember website settings.
2.2. Marketplace uses cookie technology that collects, stores, and shares fragments of information about user’s activities at Marketplace. Cookies do not collect any personal information about site users other than information specified below. Cookies do not download any information from the user's device. Cookies collect information such as the IP address, Types of devices being used, types of browsers being used, the websites being visited, and information on the website from which the user has been redirected to Marketplace.

3.1. Marketplace uses several types of cookies for different purposes:
3.1.1. Necessary, or mandatory cookies are used to ensure the operation of Marketplace, including allowing user to use Marketplace and login to user’s User Account. These cookies are used according to a Marketplace’s legitimate intention of ensuring the operation of Marketplace in providing relevant services. These required cookies are saved until user has closed the browser.
3.1.2. Functional cookies are created when user first visits Marketplace. They allow Marketplace to remember settings user has chosen, that make it easier for user to use Marketplace and register the website, from which user has been redirected to Marketplace. These cookies are used according Marketplace’s legitimate intention of improving the operation of Marketplace. Functional cookies are kept on user’s device permanently.
3.1.3. Analytical cookies are used to collect and analyze information about user’s actions at Marketplace and to improve Marketplace’s functionality. These cookies are used according to a Marketplace’s legitimate intention to collect statistics at Marketplace’s visits and to improve operation of Marketplace. Analytical cookies are kept on user’s device permanently.
3.1.4. Target or promotional cookies are used to gather information about the website’s user visits and to segment the users of Marketplace for marketing purposes, including offering user appropriate services of Marketplace or its cooperation partners. These cookies are used according to user’s consent. When user visits Marketplace and uses the services thereof, particular user agrees that the target cookies are used. Target cookies are kept until user them in its browser.
3.1.5. Cookies are received by Marketplace and its cooperation partners that ensure the operation of Marketplace, and to collect and analyze user activities at Marketplace. Cookie information is not transmitted for processing outside the European Economic Area.

4.1. If user wants to restrict, block or delete cookies, this option is provided by changing the settings of user’s browser. User cannot refuse to use the necessary and functional cookies, since it is not possible to ensure the functioning of Marketplace in their absence.
4.2. Marketplace uses Google Analytics services. User can opt out of using them by downloading and installing the add-on Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

5.1. Marketplace has the right to make changes to Cookies Policy at any time and make it public to users, by posting amended Cookies Policy at Marketplace and/or by approaching each user, that has a User Status, individually, using procedure set out, according to General Terms and Conditions. Any version of the Cookies Policy that is published at this Marketplace replaces all previous versions of the Policy and takes effect immediately upon posting unless stated otherwise.
5.2. For any questions regarding this Cookies Policy including any claims, requests about user’s saved personal data and requests to delete information user must contact Marketplace, by writing an email to [email protected].
5.3. In case user is not satisfied with Marketplace’s reply it has a right to contact the relevant data protection supervisory authority – Data Protection Inspectorate of the Republic of Estonia –
5.4. Please also review Marketplace’s Privacy Policy, that sets out rules for personal data use in case a user acquires a User Status. Privacy Policy is published at Marketplace.
5.5. More general information about cookies and how to manage them may be found at

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