GainWest is an online marketplace, where existing businesses may raise additional working capital to fund their new projects or expansion of operations. On the other hand, individuals and legal entities can support such businesses by lending money to them, and, in turn, start getting passive income.

Once the investment has been made, your principal usually is repaid to you at the maturity date (depending on the loan type), which is stated for each project. Monthly you will receive the interest payment for your investment.

If you have questions that where not covered in Frequently Asked Questions section, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

You can withdraw any amount, which is shown under the “Funds available” field by pressing withdraw button and specifying how much you want to withdraw. The requested amount will be processed within two working days.

Yes, GainWest offers benefits for referring friends or family. For each verified account, that you have brought, you will receive 0.5% from money lent by your friend within 90 days after registration. The referred friend will also get 0.5% bonus for the invested amount 90 days after the registration.

Any investment, including a loan to a business is a risk, the interest rate paid to the investors is the compensation for the risk you are taking. Please consider carefully how much risk you can tolerate before making investment.

The businesses that are raising funding on GainWest marketplace pay a fee. Certain percentage of this fee goes to the Investment Guarantee Fund managed by the GainWest. The Fund will help to reduce investors' losses if project defaults. However, each investor must be aware that due to limited amount of distribution to the Fund within each project it will not be possible that Fund will cover completely all your lost funds.

If the stated minimum amount is not collected in the stated period of time, the collected money from investors will be returned to them within 2 working days after the end of the crowdlending campaign. If target amount is not reached but minimum amount is surpassed, the funding takes place. 

Minimum amount stated for the listed projects is the amount required in order to begin the projects from the business perspective. The larger the amount collected, the larger will be the output. An example is the business that wants to increase the production. Where funding is larger the increase of production will be higher accordingly.

Some projects, on the other hand, require the fixed sum to be collected to implement the business plan. In this case the target amount is shown. For example, when new equipment has to be purchased, the entire amount required for such purchase is fixed.

GainWest receives a large number of applications from existing businesses to place their funding request on the platform. However, GainWest selects only opportunities that are most attractive to our investors and satisfy strict internal criteria.

The businesses that are crowdfunded on GainWest are planning their financial flows and stick to the business plan, so they rely on the funds that investors have contributed. Therefore, it is not possible to terminate your investment before the maturity date.

There is no limit on the number of projects you want to lend to, as long as you have money available on your user account.

You will get an electronically generated Loan agreement, once you have invested money in one of the projects. This is a proof of your participation in the crowdfunded project.

GainWest currently lists projects only in Euro. Therefore, all investments, deposits, withdrawals and interest payments are only in Euro currency as well.

Crowdlending is a way, how businesses raise funding simultaneously from many different persons. This is facilitated by the intermediary services provided by the online crowdlending marketplace. Crowdlending and crowdfunding sometimes are used interchangeably. During crowdfunding investors (also called funders or backers) are not necessarily getting something in return for their support of the project and more likely they are not anticipating to receive immediate or fixed returns. On the other hand, crowdlending is done in a way of lending money, therefore our users (investors) are getting their principal and interest on their investments. GainWest in all descriptions uses both terms, however, from a legal point of view, GainWest is a crowdlending marketplace.

The minimum investment for each project is 25 Euro.

The bank verification process is complete after the first deposit is made to the bank account of GainWest. It can take up to two working days.

You can verify your account after your identity was duly confirmed. You need to make a transfer to one of the GainWest bank accounts listed in your personal user account. The initial deposit can be as little as 1 Euro. This allows to link your bank account to your user’s profile. You only need to do this once. Please keep in mind that the minimal investment is 25 Euro, so the initial transfer of 1 Euro will be only sufficient to verify the bank account, but not to start investing.

The bank verification process is complete after the first deposit is made to the bank account of GainWest. It can take up to two working days.

You need to create an account at, confirm your email address, verify your identity, complete a basic questionnaire and verify your bank account.

Investors: Generally, any individual who is or above 18 years old and a resident of the EU, EEA, Switzerland or UK can become an investor on the GainWest marketplace. We soon will open an opportunity for legal entities from EEA to become investors as well.
Borrowers: Not every interested person will be allowed to publish projects on our marketplace. We are carefully selecting borrowers that would gain access to funding via GainWest. If you are interested in raising funds, please contact us at [email protected] and our onboarding manager will guide you through the process. Individuals cannot be registered as borrowers.

Investors (persons that are lending money) don’t pay any fees on GainWest marketplace. All fees are covered by the borrowers (legal entities seeking for funding).

Currently, the proposal for regulation of the crowdfunding industry in European Union is in the drafting stage. Despite, Estonia, as the place of GAINWEST OU incorporation, has no regulation in respect to crowdfunding, GainWest follows Crowdfunding Best Practice available here:
Beside that, we are carefully reviewing the draft for EU regulation and looking forward to apply for a relevant license as soon as regulation becomes effective.

GainWest is operated by the GAINWEST OU, incorporated and having its head office in Tallinn, Estonia.

GainWest operates the online crowdfunding marketplace, provides the identification of users, sources the profitable investment opportunities, performs due diligence of borrowers and projects, performs calculation for all investments, repayments and interest payments, and makes sure all regulatory and legal requirements are maintained.

It is an online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors. All funding and investments are performed online, thanks to the technology that is developed and operated by the GainWest.

The identity verification process is completed online, you will need to take a photo of your identification document, your face, and you holding your identification document. Each step of the verification process is clearly described in the Verification Section after logging in to your account.

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Currently we have made a decision to pause our business operations for an uncertain period of time.
This is a temporary solution due to the significant industry events and the unstable market situation because of continuing consequences of virus Covid-19. The management of the platform has decided to redirect the efforts on improving the technical part of the platform. All transactions stopped for now, but no investor was affected.
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