Take control of your financial future

All investment opportunities that are placed on GainWest have passed the rigorous due diligence process. Investors have full control of their money allocation and the continuous updates on the progress of the crowdfunding projects and the repayment schedule.

  Step 1

Create your
investment account

It is easy to become an investor with GainWest. All you need to do is to complete the registration form on the website. The process takes only few minutes. After the registration is confirmed, you can start investing. Choose the pre-selected business crowdfunding projects that appeal to you the most. Don’t worry about the risk, as all projects presented to investors on GainWest has passed the due diligence process.

Check the requirements

GainWest believes that anyone can be an investor, however, there are still some restrictions. Generally, to become an investor, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Complete the registration

The application form is very intuitive, you need to provide your ID, passport or residence permit and answer some KYC questions.

Wait for the approval

You will get an email, notifying you that the registration was successful and you can start investing. To proceed, you will need to deposit money.

  Step 2

Choose and 
invest in projects

Once you have completed the registration process, you get access to the vast investment opportunities available on GainWest. The investment deals presented to you are pre-selected by our team of risk analysts, lawyers and business analysts, as we believe the crowdfunding should not be risky. On GainWest platform you can see the full details of each business project that is looking for funding and decide where to invest. Choose the interest and return to suit your investment goals.

Fund your account

GainWest empowers investors, by giving access to funding opportunities of promising businesses. You can invest as little as EUR 25 with no fees at all.

Browse the opportunities

On GainWest platform investors are presented with full details of the crowdfunding project. The businesses which raise funding present business plans and financials.

Invest with confidence

The investment risks on GainWest are minimized, thanks to the tough due diligence process. Also, the part of the fees paid by the businesses go to the Investments Guarantee Fund.

  Step 3

Monitor investment performance

Once you have invested on GainWest platform, you can track the progress of the project(s) you have funded. The full transparency is at the core of our philosophy, so we designed the user’s account, where the investor can see the money flows, the development and stages of the business project. The investors fully understand the origination of the interest rate and possible risks of the crowdfunded project.

Track the investment

GainWest empowers investors, by giving full information. In the user’s account investors get full summary of their investments, interest and maturity.

Follow business project

Investors are presented with the performance of the business project they have funded. The full accountability and full transparency.

Get your income

Investors have full report on the repayment schedule of the projects they have funded. Interest rates and principal payments are shown.

Ready to get

Currently we have made a decision to pause our business operations for an uncertain period of time.
This is a temporary solution due to the significant industry events and the unstable market situation because of continuing consequences of virus Covid-19. The management of the platform has decided to redirect the efforts on improving the technical part of the platform. All transactions stopped for now, but no investor was affected.
If you want to know when the platform will resume registration and investment: Click here