GainWest is offering a unique security solution to our investors - the Investment Guarantee Fund. The fund is aimed partly to protect GainWest investors in the event of project default.

GainWest due diligence team is working hard to ensure that only stable and secure investment opportunities are listed on the platform. However, there are situations, which can’t be predicted, so it is always better to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances.

The businesses that are listing their projects on GainWest platform are making contribution to the Investment Guarantee Fund. We are transparent about costs and our partners appreciate the existence of such Fund, as it gives credibility to the GainWest investment platform. 

Despite additional security that we are offering to our investors, it is important to remember that any investment involves an element of risk. There are different levels of risk, which are mirrored in the interest rate offered by any given investment project.

Below is a list of some risks that an investor might face, when investing through GainWest platform. Some of the listed risks below are minimized thanks to the Investment Guarantee Fund.

Cash Flow Risk – when a borrower delays a payment- an interest or principal.

Counterparty Risk – the probability that one of those involved in a transaction might default on its contractual obligation.

Economy Risk – when the economic downturn caused the investments to depreciate in value.

Investment Platform Risk – when the platform goes bankrupt.

Portfolio Risk – when your investments are concentrated in one or few assets. This is directly linked to a low diversification.


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Currently we have made a decision to pause our business operations for an uncertain period of time.
This is a temporary solution due to the significant industry events and the unstable market situation because of continuing consequences of virus Covid-19. The management of the platform has decided to redirect the efforts on improving the technical part of the platform. All transactions stopped for now, but no investor was affected.
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